Stars were made to shine... and so we will!
Stars were made to shine... and so we will!

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British Gymnastic Membership Is Now Open For Renewals and New Members


East Region Tumble and Trampette Competition

Congratulations to the Casablanca Gymnasts who competed at the Eastern Regional event in November 2016 - 1 x 1st Place, 2 x 2nd Place and 2 x 3rd Place. We are proud of you all!

Congratulations to our Mini Hip Hop Team - Casablanca FLARE - who were crowned Regional Champions at Legacy Just Believe Dance Competition at the Copper Box in the Olympic Park in February 2017!

Congratulations to our Junior Level 3 athletes, and Senior Level 4.2 athletes who became National Champions at BCA Nationals in April.

In March 2017, Casablanca hosted the British Gymnastics East Region TeamGym Competition. Casablanca had 4 teams taking part, and we finished with 3x 1st place and 1x 2nd place in our divisions. Congratulations to all gymnasts!


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