Stars were made to shine... and so we will!
Stars were made to shine... and so we will!

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Update 29 March 2020 -  Casablanca 

Dear Athletes & Families,


We hope you are all keeping well.


We very much miss seeing you all in the gym and we’re really enjoying seeing the photos and videos of your home training that you’re kindly tagging us in. We hope that the Casablanca training at home sessions and online challenges we’ve been setting have created a little piece of normalcy from the situation we’re in now. If you haven't checked the videos out yet please visit the 'Casablanca Loughton' Facebook Page, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel here:


Please do let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help in any way.



We want to reach out and say a big thank you to everybody who is continuing to pay their monthly fees in return for credit when we reopen. We are simply overwhelmed and very grateful for the support we are receiving from you all. We do completely understand though that some of you are not able to do this and have therefore requested that payments be suspended. We want to reassure you that no places will be lost if you request your payment be suspended. Just to reiterate our previous emails, if we haven’t heard from you, we’ve assumed you are keeping your payments up and running, but if this isn’t the case please do let us know.


Again, we wish you and your families well in this worrying and scary time, and if there is anything we can do for you please do reach out and let us know. We’re happy to help where we can.


Wishing you all well,


Stay safe, stay protected, and stay at home.


All at Casablanca.


A Thank You From Casablanca - 24 March 2020

Dear Athletes & Families, 

We want to thank everybody for the kindness we are experiencing during this worrying time. The support shown for the Casablanca Gym and Staff has been overwhelming, and we truly appreciate it. It is your support that will see the Casablanca Gym through these difficult times and ensure its future to continue to provide sporting activities and opportunities to our members once this crisis is over. We couldn't be more grateful - thank you. 

We are working our way through unprecedented numbers of emails, so we do apologise if we are a little slow in getting back to you - we are working as quickly as we can and aim to catch up to date soon. 

Our staff are working hard putting together our Virtual Training sessions. We hope you are enjoying Casablanca training at home, but if you haven't checked the videos out yet please visit the 'Casablanca Loughton' Facebook Page, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel here:

There's content added daily, and we hope it gives you something to keep you occupied during your time spent at home. 

There is also lots to engage with and get involved in on the Casablanca Instagram Page: 'CasablancaLoughton'. 

We hope everybody is staying safe and well, and please do reach out to us if you need us. 




Update - Casablanca Gym Closure - 19 March 2020

Dear Athletes & Parents,

Following the Government’s latest directive that all schools are to close on Friday, we are very sad to announce that we will also be closing the Casablanca Gym on Friday 20th March at 8pm until further notice.

It would not be reasonable for us to continue training and to undermine the efforts to slow transmission between children and young people.

As mentioned in previous email correspondence, our Virtual Lessons will begin on Monday 23rd March on the Casablanca Loughton Facebook page, so please make sure you are following to take part in those.

We will be in touch as soon as the situation changes.

We hope you all stay safe and look forward to welcoming you back to the Casablanca Gym as soon as we possibly can.

Please refer to our previous communication regarding fees in the event of gym closure.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the club, we hope to be back very soon.

Many Thanks,

Casablanca Coaching Team

Casablanca COVID-19 Update – 18th March 2020 

Dear Athletes and Parents, 

Firstly, we appreciate your ongoing patience during this current situation. We have been very grateful to all our families for complying with the restrictions in place at the gym. We understand this is a very upsetting, frustrating and worrying time for everyone, and we do appreciate the support and kindness you have shown. 

As you can appreciate, like many other businesses and activities in the UK at the moment we are working as hard as we can to maintain a balance between continuing to be able to provide you with an ongoing service and an activity that you love but also bearing in mind possible health implications. As we still have no direct instruction from either the government or our national governing body to cease activities, we will remain open for the time being. 

Gym Closure: 

Whilst we wish to continue allowing you to keep doing your activities at the Gym, the situation is rapidly changing, and we expect at some point soon that advice from the government and health authorities will escalate. Therefore, we will cease all sessions and close the gym under the following conditions: 

  1. Government directive on UK wide school closures. If the government dictates that schools are to close, it would not be reasonable for us to continue training and to undermine the efforts to slow transmission between children/young people.
  2. Government directive ceasing local/club level sports and activities. Currently the government is only advising people not to attend social gatherings, and they have not directly told clubs and teams that they should not continue to provide their service. Given the very controlled nature of our classes and training sessions, i.e. we know who exactly the participants are, we are in control of who is in the building, and our sanitisation efforts etc, at the moment we believe we are doing all we can to minimise the risk. If this changes and new directives come into place, then of course we will adhere.
  3. Government directive prohibiting gatherings of a certain number of people lower than is on our class list. This means for example if the government passes a directive prohibiting gatherings of more than 50 people and there were 30 athletes and 5 coaches during your session time then it would continue. If the directive were for 10 people, that would be lower than the number of people gathered in the facility, therefore we would cease to run that session.

Fees during any closure:

Unfortunately, we are not able to stop rent payments to our landlord or other essential payments. Therefore, our liabilities during this crisis would not cease. Yesterday the UK Government issued a string of new financial measures that may assist us in the future, and we will be examining these measures closely to understand how they can be accessed. However, if you possibly can, please continue with your monthly fee payments. We understand of course that you may also be affected by current events and loss of income, in which case we completely understand. We know this is a big ask, one that we would not ask of you if it were not so critical. We want there to still be a Casablanca Gym for everyone to come back to once this crisis is over. 

These payments would then add credit to your account to be used to offset future monthly fees, focus clinic charges, holiday activities plus additional activities that we would programme in once back to normal. These could include one to one sessions, open gyms etc. 

In the event of closure, should you wish your payments to stop then please let us know. 

Virtual Classes: 

We understand that some of our members may now be in self-isolation. To ensure continuity and some semblance of normality for our athletes, from Monday 23rd March we will begin a series of daily virtual lessons which can be accessed on our Facebook Page – Casablanca Loughton. These will be 20-30 minute sessions taught by our coaching team that can be safely carried out at home. Our staff are working hard preparing these for you now. In the event of self-isolation, or gym closure, we hope you will get involved in our virtual classes. Please do send in photos/videos from your training at home so we can see how you’re getting on! 

Thank you again for your continued support. If you would like to discuss any of the information contained in this post, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Casablanca Coaching Team

*COVID-19 Update*


As a sports club we are following government guidelines and will remain open until government intervention. To minimise risk and help us keep our athletes, staff, and the gym environment as healthy as possible please take note of the following rules that are in place from today, Monday 16 March 2020.


1. Athletes should be dropped off at the front door, and collected at the roller shutter exit; our staff WILL NOT allow children to walk out on their own so please come to the roller shutter at the side of the building to collect them and please be on time. If, as an older athlete, your child usually leaves unaccompanied then please email us by reply to confirm this is still the case.


2. Our viewing gallery is now closed to minimise unnecessary contact. The gym is open for athletes/coaches only. 


3. Our classes will include 5 minutes at the beginning of the session built in for our coaches to get each athlete to wash their hands, and again at the end of the session. We therefore ask that you help us by being dropped off and picked up on time.


4. We pride ourselves on being a clean gym all the time, but we will be wiping down ALL our equipment every day in addition to our regular cleaning.


5. If you/your athlete have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough it is recommend you stay at home for 7 days. Please let us know if you will be missing a session via our Facebook page or email. 


6. Coaches reserve the right to refuse entry to the gym or ask an athlete to be picked up early if any above symptoms are shown.


7. Until further notice all pay-as-you-go sessions are suspended, this includes the open gym sessions and the parent & child sessions.


8. Badge/award week that was planned for this week is postponed until a week to be confirmed.


Please help us keep our athletes, coaches and families safe by complying with the above procedures and continuing to follow government advice. We will be monitoring the situation daily and any updates will be sent to you via email.


If you have any queries, please email


Thank you for your cooperation.


Keep well.


Kind regards


Casablanca Coaching Team




TT Club Challenge

Congratulations to all of our squad gymnasts who competed at the TT Club Challenge. We received 10 top three placings!

Congratulations to our Senior Level 5 athletes who won a qualification bid to the 2020 World Championships!

Congratulations to Cosmic 5 who competed at the Cheerleading World Championships in Florida. Cosmic 5 are 25th in the world! 

Congratulations to all 11 cheer teams who attended BCA Nationals, we came home with 5 x 1st places, 1 x 2nd place and 1 x 3rd place

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