Stars were made to shine... and so we will!
Stars were made to shine... and so we will!

Accept your place on your competition team for Season 11:

Congratulations on your team placement for the 2021-22 competitive season at Casablanca! We hope you are as excited as we are to begin training with your new team and working towards the competitions, showcases and events we have missed out on for far too long! Please read through all of the information on this page. By filling out the place acceptance form below, you are agreeing to abide by our Rules and Regulations which can be seen on this page. You are also making a formal committment to your new team, your training and competition schedule and promising to put in the effort and dedication required to be the best athlete you can be. 


Casablanca Cheer – Rules and Regulations


Belonging to a competitive team is a big responsibility. You have a whole team of athletes relying on you to take your commitment to the team seriously. The following rules and regulations MUST be followed by all athletes/parents in order to ensure your team can be as successful as possible.


  • All athletes/parents must check for emails regularly for any and all updates. There is no excuse for being uninformed when the information has been provided.
  • The Casablanca logo and name belongs to Casablanca. Any privately created items bearing the Casablanca name or logo cannot be worn or sold.
  • For all training sessions and competitions athletes must keep finger nails short, with ALL jewellery removed (apart from pre-approved medical ID tags). This is for the safety of all participants.


Casablanca retains the right to:

  • Place its athletes on the team(s) it feels will best suit the athletes and the programme.
  • Decide if an athlete may participate on more than one team. If chosen to be on more than one team crossover fees will apply.
  • Decide the roles and/or positions an athlete will have/play on their team(s). For example, flyer, base, spotter, tumbler, reserve.
  • Move, replace, add, suspend or even dismiss an athlete for a period of time or indefinitely from a team or the entire programme based on criteria including but not limited to attendance, conduct, skills, finances, etc.


All athletes must:

  • Arrive on time to training for every session.
  • Attend every competition scheduled for their team.
  • Notify Casablanca by email immediately of all expected lateness or absence.
  • Notify Casablanca by phone/social media message immediately of all unexpected lateness or absence.

All athletes must agree to the following:

  • Missing a scheduled training session or showcase that falls within one week of competition for any reason will result in the removal of the athlete from the team. There are no exceptions to this rule.


All athletes and parents must:

  • Set a positive example for others to follow.
  • Be respectful and courteous to everyone including coaches, other athletes, parents,  judges, competition officials, and representatives from other programmes.
  • Refrain from celebrating the misfortune or defeat of another person, team or programme.
  • Accept team placements and competition rankings with dignity and class.


All athletes/parents must understand that:

  • All fees and payments must be made on time and in full by direct debit.
  • All payment due dates must be met.
  • An athletes account must be current and in good standing to participate in training and competitions. Casablanca reserve the right to withhold goods/uniforms, deny participation, and remove athletes from their team from failure to keep up with financial obligations.
  • If any athlete chooses to leave or is asked to leave Casablanca for any reason before the season is over, any and all funds and/or payments are completely non-refundable. Any athlete who does leave their team mid-season will not be welcome back in future seasons.


All athletes/parents must:

  • Read all emails concerning competition dates, venues and itineraries.
  • Arrive to competition by the designated time to check in with coaches/team parents accordingly.
  • Where possible, support other Casablanca teams competing at the same event. 

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