Stars were made to shine... and so we will!
Stars were made to shine... and so we will!

British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards Testing Classes

As you know, Casablanca runs the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards Scheme for our gymnasts. In normal times, testing for gymnastics badges would take place every 10-12 weeks as part of regular weekly training sessions.


Due to the current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, we aren’t able to run this testing as part of our regular classes at the moment. We know that gymnasts and parents are missing the Awards Scheme assessments, and so we are going to be running optional awards testing classes for small groups on ad-hoc Saturdays.


British Gymnastics Proficiency Award testing classes are open to all gymnasts but need to be pre-booked and paid for in advance. The classes will run in small groups so early booking is recommended to secure your place. Badge testing classes cost £8.00 per session.


The next badge testing classes available to book are as follows:


Saturday 31st October – 3:15-4:00pm – Badge 8,7,6 & 5

Saturday 31st October – 4:15-5:00pm – Badge 4, 3, 2 & 1

Saturday 31st October – 5:15-6:00pm – Badge Bronze, Silver & Gold

Saturday 7th November – 3:15-4:00pm – Badge 8,7,6 & 5

Saturday 7th November – 4:15-5:00pm – Badge 4, 3,2 & 1

Saturday 7th November – 5:15-6:00pm – Badge Bronze, Silver & Gold

Saturday 14th November – 3:15-4:00pm – Badge 8,7,6 & 5

Saturday 14th November – 4:15-5:00pm – Badge 4,3,2 & 1

Saturday 14th November – 5:15-6:00pm – Badge Bronze, Silver & Gold


How to book your space:


Click on the link below!


Changes to how Badge testing will be run:


Normally, each gymnast has a tick sheet with all the skills required to pass a particular level. As passing around sheets of paper is not possible at the moment due to possible contamination, one coach will have a master sheet of all gymnasts in their small group testing session. Equipment is usually shared with a whole class working on different levels within a normal testing session. Obviously at the moment we are having to clean each piece of equipment between uses, so small group testing is the only way to achieve the standard of cleanliness and sanitisation required. Rather than taking a pass sheet home with them, gymnasts will be emailed their testing results after their session, with an option to order the badge and certificate should they be successful at passing a level. 

How to Book Proficiency Award Testing Class

1. Log in to your LoveAdmin account on the link provided below

2. Click 'Events'

3. Select British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Testing Class and select the date & level you would like to book

4. Click 'Next' and follow instructions to input information

5. Click ‘Next’ to complete your booking. Payment will be taken from your account as you have already pre-authorised payments

6. You will receive an email confirmation. Please keep hold of this as you may be required to show this upon arrival

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