Stars were made to shine... and so we will!
Stars were made to shine... and so we will!

6-week Tumble Courses - 20th May - 30th June

Our tumbling courses will run for 6 weeks from the 20th May to 30th June. 

Your Payment:

The 6-week class fee is £49.50


Level 1 Sessions focus on: rolls, cartwheels, handstands, round offs & walkovers

Level 2 & 3 Sessions focus on: front handsprings, back handsprings, series back handsprings, round off handspring tuck and punch front somersaults

Level 4,5 & 6 Sessions focus on: standing tucks, layouts, full and double twist somersaults, whips and arabians. 

When deciding which level session to attend, please ensure you can do all of the skills at the session level below the one you are selecting. If you're not sure, please check with the coaching team. 

How to Book

1. Log in to your LoveAdmin account on the link provided below

2. Click 'Events'

3. Select 6-week course Tumbling. and select the class you would like to book

4. Click 'Next' and follow instructions to input information

5. Click ‘Next’ to complete your booking. Payment will be taken from your account as you have already pre-authorised payments

6. You will receive an email confirmation. Please keep hold of this as you may be required to show this upon arrival

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